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-Dale Turner-

Monday, 25 January, 2010

chettu, akka and ammama

Last time aunt went on a trip, she reminded me my responsibilies: chettu, chaapa and ammama.

This time, the fishes are dead, and it will be: chettu, akka and ammama. And aunt didn't remind me this time.

I guess I grew up sometime this year.

My grandmother is sewing the edge of a new cotton saree as I type this. I wake up these days to music: the kut-kut of her knife on the chopping board. For you know it will be a good day.

She battles pain in her wrists, thanks to all those IVs, but doesn't give up. And she is slowly filling in her blouse, that hung loose all these days.

I am enjoying a three day break sleeping, sleeping more, and making maggi for grandparents.

Next on agenda is getting sis to eat two eggs a day. One for her, and one for lil Chintu, whose kicks I cannot feel yet. Come on sweetie, you can do better.

- window siller :-)

chettu: plants; chaapa: fish; akka: elder sis; ammama: grandmother.
brother makes rainbow inside the house.


suzanne cabrera said...

Wow, you paint such a picture with your words. Beautiful.

bythewindowsill said...

thanks suzanne. :-)
chettu: plants,
chaapa: fish,
akka: elder sis,
ammama: grandmother... all in telugu.

Anonymous said...

You write good.

Now that I have made you gasp at my poor grasp of English grammar...

You write very well.

bythewindowsill said...

@ anon:
the first compliment was perfect the way it was. thanks. :-)
but I must say, it is not about the words and the writing... it is about a voice i rarely get to use.


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