Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.

-Dale Turner-

Saturday, 20 March, 2010

The Good Women of China

I simply cannot fall asleep. For here I am, drunk on excitement: mehendis, dances, giggles and girl-talk.

So I pick up the Good Women of China and read a few pages until tears start dropping by.

In a strange way, I am proud that N chose me to lend her book to. But to sign on its back cover next to women who have fought for great things is a responsibility too...

So I will myself to quickly fall asleep. For there is so much to do, to make the world a better place.

And your problems just shrink in space.

Wednesday, 10 March, 2010

tell me Rama:

"Ravana took my body away but my soul was yours. Tell me Rama, is Sita the body or the mind?"

Saturday, 6 March, 2010

It is not easy to give a friend away...

It is not easy to know that you are no longer her best confidant,
It is not easy for there won't be those nights of non-stop talking,
It is not easy to see her go, all the way around the world,

But when you know that he is worth it, you are so happy as I feel now.
And you begin to love him too... :D

Friday, 5 March, 2010

the days are packed

Most times when a friend falls in love or gets hitched, you get the feeling that the guy isn't really good enough for your friend.

Does he know how she never speaks about herself?
Does he know how she will weep for the beggar boy at the signal?
Does he realise just how lucky he is??

But rarely, very rarely, you get the feeling that he knows all this. And two such weddings are coming up... There are blouses to be stitched, mehendis to be organised. Scrap-books to be made and pictures to be clicked.

For its my best friends weddings, two in a row. :-) :-)


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