Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.

-Dale Turner-

Friday, 6 January, 2012

hens, roosters, and lazy afternoon wishes

You are sitting by the window, and I am stretched out behind you.
And sunlight streams over the both of us, with the gentle warmth of a January sun.

I am trying to teach you to identify the crows of roosters and hens, as we look out for them.
For we come across these characters often enough in songs and rhymes.
And every time we did, your eyebrows would bridge trying hard to understand.

Now, after four or five times, you have picked it up easily.
And you point excitedly and say something in baby talk, every time you hear one crow.

When I get back to work soon, it will be hours like these, that I will miss the most.
This last year of a sabbatical has been wonderful, mostly because of you.

Work will take me away, and I will miss you so much.
I will miss lazy afternoons of snuggling, packed park visits, our fantastic sessions of singing and dancing, and breathlessly fielding ball for you.
And you will grow up so soon, before we know how it happened.

I can easily imagine you walking into a room as a strapping young man.
I know I will wear a proud grin. I know I will rise to give you a hug.
I will also cup your face and smack a kiss, no matter how embarrassed you are. :-)

But I only wish that I won't have to bore you, by talking only of all these wonderful babyhood days.
I wish we will always have something to do together, something to learn or play together.
I wish we always will be friends.

with one of the greatest loves that I have ever known,
your aunt, the window siller.


Anonymous said...

Yes, you'll always be friends, even though he'll never grow up in your eyes.




My nephew is a slothbear